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Haye Speaks! But Makes No Mention of Klitschko

Posted on 06/10/2010

David Haye, the man who wears the WBA Heavyweight belt, has emerged after a lengthy disappearance after making his first title defense against American John Ruiz. This week, Haye did a video interview with British sportscaster Laura Saperstein and made some interesting comments.

Here are some that stood out:

“I am working on all aspects of my game.”
“My defence I feel needs to be worked on.”

“Little areas need to be sharpened up.”

“At 29 I’m almost in my prime, the big fights are gonna happen soon.”

“I’m not the finished article.”

Pardon me for interrupting, but didn’t Haye tell the world two years ago he was ready to rid boxing of the boring robotic Klitschkos and that they were ducking him?

“Adam Booth he’s my friend and my boxing trainer. We build everything off that. He’s got my best interests at heart.”

“I’ve always been a heavyweight to come down to cruiserweight, lose 15-20 pounds. When I was a cruiserweight I was always hungry. This time around it’s worked out perfectly.”

Curiously, Haye made no mention of recently being challenged by Wladimir Klitschko and being offered the superbly reasonable 50-50% split with no future options. Nor did Haye divulge any timetable regarding when he’s going to clean out the heavyweight division of the Klitschko Brothers.

Two years ago Haye claimed he was ready for the Klitschkos. Apparently he has either regressed or the Klitschkos double domination has totally psyched him out, because a Klitschko-Haye showdown is obvioulsy not in the works. And all the blame falls on Haye.

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