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Gilberto Ramirez: “We have more hunger for triumph, we’re very motivated”

Posted on 06/22/2015

By: Francisco Martinez

“El orgullo de México” The southpaw Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez displayed his power, speed, and technique right before as he prepares for his WBO international super middleweight bout live on truTV from the State Farm arena in Hidalgo, Texas on June 26th brought to you by Top Rank promotions. also brings you an exclusive interview from the young, highly touted pugilist who many believe to have great potential and see him as the next “Gran campeón Mexicano”.

ramirez “Your last fight wasn’t an easy one unlike your previous bouts. Is cutting off the ring something that you’re learning? You had problems doing just that”

Gilberto Ramirez: “Well, that fight helped me a lot. It gave me experience, confidence and a lot to work on in the gym. Many errors to learn from based on that fight. I’m happy because we had our hands raised after that fight like we always do. We saw our errors and what we can do better and not letting it happen again” “You started off at 160lbs (middleweight) and now you’re at 168lbs (super middleweight) are you staying at super middleweight?” (Zurdo Ramirez has been competing at super middleweight for his last 4 fights after starting his career at middleweight)

Gilberto Ramirez: “I feel good in this division. I feel strong, comfortable and we don’t struggle (making weight) and we’re staying at 168lbs for a while” “If you could face a top name at super middleweight which fighter would that be?”

Gilberto Ramirez: “Well right now I’m focused on June 26th. That’s before anything else then after that whoever may come. I feel ready for whoever is next” “You’re a young guy and physically you’re very big. In the future how far up in weight do you think you will move up?”

Gilberto Ramirez: “Well I think only time can tell. Right now we’re at 168lbs but in the future maybe will jump to 175lbs (light heavyweight) I don’t know, truthfully I can’t tell” “Top Rank (promotions) has put a lot into your career. Is there pressure to make something happen in the ring or, are you focused on the task at hand?”

Gilberto Ramirez: “Of course not. It’s the opposite. I’m enjoying my work. We’re going to enjoy what we’re doing in the ring. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me to get to where we want to be for the people to see us as an idol. We’re working very hard for that and we’re going to show it come fight night” “What advice does (Bob) Arum give you day after day regarding your career?”

Gilberto Ramirez: “Let’s me know I have all of his support. That I simply have to do my work and win all my fights like I’ve been doing to date” “Is it important that you get a title shot by the end of the year or is that something you await for the future?”

Gilberto Ramirez: “Yeah, I would love to fight for a world title by the end of the year but first is the (June) 26th and we will show that we’re ready for bigger things” “What can your fans expect in this fight?”

Gilberto Ramirez: “They can expect a war inside the ring. I expect the best Derek Edwards (opponent) and that he prepared 100% and a great fight that all fans deserve” “You can box and pressure when you step into the ring what do you look to do first?”

Gilberto Ramirez: “It all depends on the style. We make the adjustment in the ring. My corner instructs me to box, use distance, go in and out, that’s figured out during the fight” “Did you expect this much popularity early in your career or was that something you thought you would have to work harder to gain?”

Gilberto Ramirez: “I know you have to work real hard for that but I know it’s coming little by little just like we expected it to come and I love it because that’s what we’ve worked for all these years. We’re going to keep working. We have more hunger for triumph, we’re very motivated and we can’t wait for the (June) 26th so we can show the people all the hard work we have done” “You where face to face with the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. how was that moment for you?” (ESPN “Golpe a Golpe”)

Gilberto Ramirez: “For me it was motivating. He’s my idol. He gave me advice and I’m thankful for that and happy to me apart of an interview along side a great champion like him who’s the idol for our people” “What’s one of his most memorable fights?”

Gilberto Ramirez: “I think (Meldrick) Taylor was the biggest fight. He had many but that was the most memorable one” “So he’s one of the reason why you decided to box?”

Gilberto Ramirez: “Yeah, I grew up watching him. Watching his fights with my dad on the weekends. Back then there wasn’t as much boxing as now. Thanks to him that I’m here”

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