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Former Champ Vaden on Pacquiao vs. Floyd: “Its Confusing”

Posted on 01/06/2010

Former IBF Junior Middleweight champion Paul Vaden is a curious observer to what is happening in the Pacquiao-Mayweather situation. Vaden amassed an impressive 327-10 amateur record and was a 1990 Goodwill Games bronze medalist, before capturing his world title in 1995. Clearly Vaden has the credentials to interpret the minute details of the psychological warfare process but the ongoing Floyd and Pacquiao mess is even difficult for him to figure out. “The Pacman-Floyd situation confuses me because neither the economics nor the site is an issue. Pretty much everything has been agreed upon,” says the resident of San Diego, CA. “And once that was done, Floyd’s camp and he himself started throwing small verbal grenades with illegal substance insinuations.”

“So, this isn’t a deal where maybe additional dollars will parlay into Floyd dropping those demands about blood testing. I don’t feel Manny is doing anything illegal, personally. I think he is highly gifted and draws on his purpose and from God along with representing his country in the highest honor. This would tarnish his image to Tiger Woods-like levels emotionally, if it were true.”

Vaden has personally met Mayweather, though it was over a decade ago, when Floyd was a far less deformed by extreme fame and fortune. “I’ve met Floyd once, it was Thanksgiving 1997,” recalls Vaden, who retired with a pro record of 29-3 (16 KO’s). “We fed the homeless in Las Vegas at Nevada Partners Gym. I believe he’s talented beyond words, does everything well in the ring. I’d suggest that he’s trying to do a psyche job on Manny, or he’s trying to promote the fight with this onslaught. But it doesn’t make sense because, like I said, the money, site, etc. has been agreed upon. I’m not insinuating he’s scared but he has to be very in-tune with the fact that Manny has a strong momentum going.”

Paul Vaden is the first native San Diego man to win a world boxing title. He still resides in San Diego, near his long-time friend and amateur buddy Chris Byrd, the former IBF Heavyweight champ, who relocated his family to San Diego last summer. Vaden is an accomplished fitness trainer and can be reached via his web site

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