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Featured Prospect: Adam Hubinger

Three years ago light heavyweight/super middleweight Adam Hubinger was an upcoming force on the Florida scene, with a record of 11-0 with 10 KO’s. He was also holding

Three years ago light heavyweight/super middleweight Adam Hubinger was an upcoming force on the Florida scene, with a record of 11-0 with 10 KO’s. He was also holding his own in gym wars with the likes of Jeff Lacy, Antonio Tarver, Winky Wright. Then all the buzz quieted when a concussion in a points win against Billy Thompson in 2005 left him inactive for over three years.

Last month, the former Czech Republic national champion returned to the ring – with a new manager (Virgil Valdez) and an eight round decision win over Terrance Smith of Oklahoma City. He is sparring regularly with Matt Korobov in St. Petersburg and looking to make some noise at the world class level.

Age: 28

Record: 12-0 with 10 KO’s

BoxingInsider: What are your boxing inspirations?

Adam Hubinger: “I’m motivated now by my family. I was always fighting for myself but now I’m so lucky I’ve got a beautiful wife and I got two beautiful daughters and that’s the strongest motivation I’ve ever had. Big motivation is my family. I was always fighting for myself, the title, I was gonna be the best. Of course I want to make money. But now my family’s my motivation. I want to make money for my family. I want them to be proud of me and it’s my dream. To be champion is my dream. Of course, I want to achieve my dreams. So that’s what I’m going after.”

BoxingInsider: Describe your style?

Adam Hubinger: “I know I have good condition. I know I’m not going to tire. I have strong punch – I got 90% knockouts. So people can expect knockouts when I fight. I know I got strong punch, condition, and I know I’m good fighter, so, I think I got a lot to offer.”

BoxingInsider: Best moment of your career so far?

Adam Hubinger: “When I become a Czech champion at home. That was very nice. But then I felt I wanted more. To be champion of Czech Republic is not enough for me. I want to be the best, champion of the world. That’s why I came to the U.S., I want to be the best of the best. So far the best moment is that I’m accepted by such a great trainer as Dan Birmingham, he sees that in me and he knows that I’m going to be champion. And that motivates me.”

BoxingInsider: Worst moment of your career?

Adam Hubinger: “When three years ago I got concussion. And I won my fight but after that I felt very bad. I ended up in emergency room. And I thought I would never box again. And I actually decided I would not box again. And I said, It wasn’t worth it to me anymore. The boxing – it was bad. I was crying like a baby. But then I got very blessed. I meet my new manager, Dan accept me as my trainer. I got very blessed. Now I’m training more careful of course. I feel better than never before. Faster. When I stop boxing three years ago, that was the most painful moment.”

BoxingInsider: What do you need to improve to reach the next level?

Adam Hubinger: “I definitely need to work more on my defense. I got good offense, good punch, I need to work on my defense. I have conditioning, I just have to walk the walk. Just go one fight at a time. Just go and nobody can stop me. Nobody will stop me. I’m going for that title. I want that title. And nobody or nothing is going to stop me.”

BoxingInsider: Who is the toughest opponent you faced so far?

Adam Hubinger: “Hmm. I got a hundred amateur fights. And so far, in amateur, I had the toughest fights in amateur, so far. In the pros, I got 90% knockouts. So the training is tougher then fights for me – Winky, Lacy, Matt Korobev – two time world (amateur) champion – that’s a great sparring for me.”

Trainer Dan Birmingham on “The Czech Assassin”: “He was a #1 amateur in Czech Republic, 12-0, 10 KO’s. He’s been out a couple of years but now he’s back. He’s gonna make a big stink. He’s given Korobev really good work in the gym so we expect a lot of good things about him.” What does Adam need to improve upon? “Well, everybody needs to improve on every apsect of their game. Adam just needs to get into the ring and get back and fight.”

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