ESPN Duo Blames Mayweather

Examples of ESPN’s sports commentators blaming Floyd Mayweather on the “Pardon The Interruption” TV show for the failed Pacquiao-Mayweather mediation meetings on January 6.

Pac-Man vs. Floyd was the third topic on Thursday’s show:
Mike Wilbon on “PTI”: “I blame Mayweather. He came up with all this blood stuff. He can make $40-50 million. We know fighters have done stupid things and blown big opportunities. I am shocked if this fight doesn’t come off. Mayweather looks bad on this.”

Tony Kornheiser on “PTI”: “It’s off today, on tomorrow. The terrible risk is to lose somewhere on the way. It’s hard for me to believe this fight won’t happen. If I have to blame somebody it’s Mayweather.”

Brian Kenny on SportsCenter: “Has boxing just delivered itself a knockout blow?”

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