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Celebrity Boxing Fan: Jazz Artist Matthew Shipp

Posted on 12/07/2010
Prominent jazz artist and pianist Matthew Shipp took time out to discuss his love for boxing…

Introduction to boxing:  “Was my uncle who use to watch a show called ‘Fights of the Century’ and he used to tell me stories of Joe Louis and Sugar Ray Robinson.”
Appeal of boxing:  “It’s honesty. Once you are in the ring – it’s two people almost naked with no place to hide.”
First boxing memory:  “Was watching old fights with my uncle.”
Ringside Memory:  “Not really. I guess watching some amatuer fights as a kid.”
Favorite fighters to watch:  “Ali, Robinson, Mayweather Jr., Ricardo Lopez, Juan Manuel Marquez, Aaron Pryor.”
Most exciting boxing moment:  “Was Douglas knocking out Tyson.”
Most painful boxing moment:  “Was when Smoking Joe beat Ali in the first fight– but ironcally with time I now really relate to Joe. Also seeing Tarver knock out Roy Jones was not fun – I had trouble sleeping for a week after that.”
Have you ever met any famous pro boxers:  “Yes – I talked some to Junior Poison Jones and a few others – I talked to the late, great Jose Torres and Teddy Atlas the trainer.”
Favorite boxing books:  Joyce Carol Oates On Boxing. Also I love Nick Tosches bio on Sonny Liston even though that book got panned a lot it is a beautiful book.”
What changes would you like to see incorporated in boxing to make it better: “I would like to see  it back on network TV like it used to be in the 70’s.”

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