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Aron Martinez Talks to Boxing Insider After Robert Guerrero Fight

Posted on 06/07/2015

By: Francisco Martinez

For those in attendance today at the Stub Hub center where fortunate enough to see “Rocky” play out, live before their eyes. A “once in a lifetime” opportunity was presented to Aron “Asesino” Martinez, “Murderer”. Aron Martinez did just that, “Murdered” the critics or should I say “Boxing experts” with a display of unseen ambition. As the “underdog” was written off way before he even stepped foot inside the ring on June, 6th. Leaving Robert Guerrero with something to remember him by for the rest of his life.

aroninter managed to speak with Aron Martinez right after he was unjustly denied of his hard earned victory. “Aron Martinez, this was literally Rocky Balboa versus Apolo Creed. You stepped up to the occasion and cashed in on your once in a lifetime opportunity, how do you feel?”

Aron Martinez: “I feel good you know. I felt I gave the fans a good fight you know. I do it for the fans. Put a good show and I’m just a little upset that they didn’t give me the W (win) but you know, gotta move on and just move forward” “What do you think surprised (Robert) Guerrero the most? Your movement or your power because you put him down?” (Aron Martinez knocked Robert Guerrero down with a vicious 5 punch combination in the fourth round)

Aron Martinez: “You know, even before the fight I told them (press) that they where going to be surprised by my power and you know, I dropped him after that, he’s a warrior. He started Boxing instead of fighting inside but aye, give him props, he’s a warrior and it is what it is” “You told me (at the media day workouts) that your conditioning was on point going into this fight and that you had an answer for all the punches that he (Robert Guerrero) throws. Tell me a little bit of what went into that conditioning work to make sure his punches (high punching volume from Robert Guerrero) didn’t overwhelm you?”

Aron Martinez: “(Robert Guerrero) He’s not a natural 147lbs (Welterweight) I’m the bigger guy. I’ve been at 147lbs my whole life and we knew that he’s small. Even though he’s a bigger name he’s smaller in weight and I knew he wasn’t going to hurt me” “Did he hurt you at any point where maybe you backed up a little bit or wobbled you a bit. Was there ever a point where that happened?”

Aron Martinez: “He caught me in the second round but I was off balance and you know, he never hurt me. I was fine the whole fight” “This happens a lot in Boxing where the decision doesn’t go to the rightful owner. You’ve been denied a win today. How does that exactly feel knowing you clearly won the fight. The fans embraced you, they acknowledged that you won today. How does it feel to not get the decision?”

Aron Martinez: “Well yeah, it’s a little upsetting you know. Like I said again, all the people saw that I won and that’s what matters to me you know” “Would you welcome a rematch with Robert Guerrero?”

Aron Martinez: “Yeah, anytime you know, whatever, whoever they throw at me. I don’t care, I’ll fight anybody”

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