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Tyson Fury Keys To Victory Against Deontay Wilder

Posted on 02/20/2020

By: Hans Themistode

It was supposed to be the biggest comeback story in boxing history. At least, that was the feeling of many who watched the first clash between WBC Heavyweight titlist Deontay Wilder and Lineal champ Tyson Fury. 

That assumption however, just wasn’t shared by the judges on that December 1st night in 2018. Regardless of the first outcome, there is no need to complain as we all get to see them do it again.

Photo Credit: Mikey Williams/Top Rank Promotions

Fury and his adoring fans believe that the blueprint for Wilder has already been laid. Maybe. But Wilder has a tendency to get even better whenever he fights someone for a second time. 

If Fury wants to win this contest even more convincingly, then he’ll need to be a lot better the second time around. 

Stay On The Outside 

For the past year, Fury has had a sour taste in his mouth. He refuses to believe that he hadn’t done enough to earn the victory the first time around. Now that his frustrations are at an all-time high, he no longer wants to leave his fights in the hands of the judges. 

His anger is understandable, but in order to win this upcoming Saturday night, he simply needs to do what he did the first time around. 


Wilder has never been known as a great boxer. Fury has even called him a one trick pony for quite some time now. He might be right, but that is still one helluva trick by Wilder. If Fury can simply stay on the outside and box, then there should be no reason as to why the judges won’t give him the decision this time around.

Attack The Body

On an episode of Inside The PBC, former Tyson Fury opponent, Steve Cunningham revealed that when the pair met in 2013, it was the body punching of Fury that really affected him. Too often have we seen Heavyweight fighters become nothing more than headhunters. It could be because fighters like Fury and Wilder are just so tall that they aren’t concerned with good body punching. 

With Wilder in particular, his attack is mostly focused upstairs. Fury needs to go to the body to force the WBC champ on the back foot. Wilder is an aggressive fighter by nature. The pressure that he puts on his opponents can be neutralized if Fury can just find a way to attack the mid section. That of course, could leave Fury open to counter shots, but he may have no choice in this one.

Heavy Output

Deontay Wilder might be known as the heaviest hitting boxer of all-time, but he doesn’t exactly overwhelm his opponents in terms of his activity. In his last ring appearance, Wilder closed the show against Luis Ortiz with just one punch. But before that, Wilder was simply getting outworked. Fury should look to implore the same tactics. 

Wilder has a tendency to take a more patient approach in his fights recently. Maybe even too patient. This is something that Fury can surely take advantage of. If he can simply overwhelm Wilder with his punch out put, he could force the judges to score the rounds in his favor.

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