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The End Is Near For Floyd’s Reign

There were some very surprising happenings at the Mosley vs. Mayweather Los Angeles press conference earlier this month which seem to have been overlooked by the media. I just saw the video this week and let me tell you this, Floyd is showing signs of falling apart mentally.

Unlike in New York and Washington DC, Mayweather was heavily booed repeatedly on this sunny afternoon in Los Angeles. And this harsh reaction at the introduction of his presence seemed to have an effect on the sensitive 33-year-old who tried his best to ignore it and cover up the hurt.

Remember, Sonny Liston could not overcome the negativity his reputation and behavior inspired and surrendered to Clay in Miami. George Foreman also was deeply affected by playing the role of the villain and those “Ali Bomaye!” chants in Zaire and was destroyed by Ali.,

“The humble shall be exalted and the exalted shall be humbled.”

Shane Mosley is highly respected by just about everyone in boxing because he’s always been a gentleman, always carried himself with class and humility, always taken on the best of the best. He is the symbol of a true champion, a positive inspiration of the people.

Sugar Shane stated at the podium simply that “May 1st is gonna be May’s first (loss). I’ll make sure of that. Thank you.”

The key phrase was spoken softly but with a severe certainty. “I’LL MAKE SURE OF THAT.”

Floyd was booed again as he rose to speak. He seemed flustered and frustrated about it, and that Mosley was exuding a supreme confidence. Floyd is not used to dealing with that intangible. Floyd also seemed hurt by the fact that after all he’s worked for and all he’s been through, the fans greeted him with a shower of insulting and disrespectful boos as he walked meekly to the podium. It was as if Floyd felt shame and just did not have the strength to combat them. Maybe he understands they’re right to disrespect him for all his wicked conduct.

I’ll never forget the time in Miami when Floyd lifted his head up to acknowledge the huge roar of love from boxing fans to Oscar De La Hoya at the Oscar-Floyd Miami press conference in January 2007. Floyd was in awe and proud to even hear something like that, surely craving that kind of positive adoration for himself someday. All the money in the world can’t buy that type of respect.

Three years later, Floyd’s behavior has made him arguably, as evidenced by the booing, one of the most loathed characters in all of sports. He has no love except from a small band of fans and his team of sychophants.

Floyd composed himself to speak a fair bit but none of it was convincing in the least, “I want Shane to believe in himself. I believe in my skills…”

It was eery to see such a self-proclaimed great champion look and sound so weak and command such little respect. And appear so vulnerable. “I have a great trainer, he has a great trainer, we must understand – our trainers can’t fight for us…”

“That’s what I want to do, I want to test my skills against the best guys out there…”

About the new drug testing protocol he demanded for this fight…”I just want to change the way the sport of boxing is. I want to say, My sport is clean.”

The truth is he never cared about any of this until it was time to be sacrificed to Manny Pacquiao on March 13.

In the middle of this soliloquy, a red glove was brought over to Shane to sign from Floyd’s side of the stage. Floyd kept on babbling this bulljive to himself, which only an ignorant few really believe. “That’s why me and Shane are taking random…”

But suddenly Floyd began to stutter badly. The pressure to conceal the truth suddenly broke out. It was as if the hidden truth was leaking out of himself. He was losing his mind. He really didn’t know what he was talking about, it wasn’t coming straight from his heart, it was all really a horrible scheme concocted to defame and discredit Pacquiao, to avoid getting brutalized by Pacquiao on March 13.

The stuttering continued, astonishingly. “…random urine and random blood, random blood…” Floyd began to wave his hands helplessly, stuck for words, he really didn’t even know what he was talking about, even Richard Schaefer and Mosley looked up at him, like, wow, partly embarrassed for him.

He finally figured out what to say: “..random blood test.”

Floyd could not have sounded more unconvincing and fake. The whole random blood testing is obviously a lie, a scam, a fraud to prevent the bigger fraud from being revealed.

I believe the massive booing hurt Floyd and weakened him to expose his true self in Los Angeles. If Mosley has enough left in his tank, the now clearly fragile and flustered Floyd will be destroyed once and for all in Las Vegas on May 1.

But it could actually be a blessing in disguise for Floyd. If he can take the loss with class, he will gain more respect by far in defeat than all his wins combined.

“The humble shall be exalted. The exalted shall be humbled.”

“The man enslaved to wealth can never be honest.” — Democritus

“The truth annihilates falsehood.” –Qoran

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