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Philip H. Anselmo Talks Boxing

Posted on 03/09/2010’s columnist Philip H. Anselmo may be super busy running his House Core Records label and consulting strategic advice to certain prominent boxers but he talked a little boxing in his recent interview with’s Rick Florino…

The rest of the interview can be read here:

Here are the boxing questions…

Are you looking forward to the Manny Pacquiao fight?

He should be fighting Floyd Mayweather! Pacquiao is a man of two countries. He owns the Philipines, and he’s loved in America. He’s a very lovable, humble guy. Joe Calzaghe’s great! With the big super middleweight tournament they’ve got going now, he must be asking himself, “Where were these guys when I was around not but five years ago? I would’ve been part of this thing!” Joe fought through a lot of injuries in his career. He was avoided. Don’t get me wrong. In my book, Roy Jones Jr. is probably the most spectacular athletically gifted boxer that I’ve seen in my life. Truth being, Roy avoided Joe Calzaghe forever. When they fought about ten years too late, Roy floored Joe in the first round. Roy was there. He may not have been one-thousand percent Roy Jones Jr., but he was there. Also seeing him in the ring that night, Joe Calzaghe’s style would give anybody, including and in his prime Roy Jones Jr., fits. Joe was just a little bigger than Roy. That’s nothing Roy hadn’t faced before, but a big physical super middleweight at that weight 168lbs a south paw with that crazy fantastically beautifully gifted unorthodox unique style that just worked—I don’t know. I’d have to say Calzaghe’s the greatest super middle weight of all time. I don’t think anybody beats him.

That Shane Mosley and Margarito fight last year was a personal favorite…

What a great fight! I did a write-up for that fight for Boxing Insider. We’re about to see Shane fucking maybe take the thunder out of Mayweather. That’s a great placement fight for the Pacquaio fight. Look at what Shane did to the “invincible” Margarito. It’s unbelievable. Mosley fought so smart in that fight—just textbook boxing. He didn’t give ground, didn’t cover up, didn’t back up, didn’t get in Margarito’s range—he smothered him. He stayed close to him when he had to and then lit him up! I knew he’d finish that fight with his signature, beautiful, compact left hook—goodnight! It was fantastic.

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