Andre Berto

  • April 11th, 2008
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Florida’s WBC #1 ranked welterweight contender Andre Berto will face Miguel Rodriguez in an eliminator later this year in Memphis. Berto partook in this 60-second interview which also was previously published in Boxing News magazine of the U.K.
Age started boxing:  I started boxing at 10-years-old.
First boxing memory:  Winning the national Golden Gloves for the first time. I was 16 – one of the youngest ever to win it.
Inspiration:  I mean, just want to set an example, and just wanting to be the best in my division.
Favorite all-time fighter:  I probably say Marvin Hagler.
Best fight seen:  Tyson-Ruddock I.
Pre-fight meal:  Pasta.
What do you do to relax:  Chill at the house and watch TV [smiles].
Pre-fight superstition:  I don’t really have too many superstitions.
What training do you do between fights (if any):  Running, basketball, I like to do a little of everything.
Typical breakfast:  Waffles and pancakes [smiles].
Toughest part of being a boxer:  Ahhh…the pressure.
Favorite music:  Hip-hop.
Last book read:  The Tony Dungy book
Favorite film:  Ah man, I do not know. Maybe Life.
What car do you drive: Right now a Chrysler 300 (black).
Where do you train:  Winter Haven, FL.
Training routine:  Intense [laughs]. Running, training in the gym, and a lot of conditioning.
Toughest man you faced:  So far probably Cosme Rivera.
What supplements do you take:  Don’t take any.
If you weren’t a boxer what would you be:  Probably playing football.
Last place you went on holiday:  Cancun.
Favorite football team:  The Brazilian team. And the (Tampa Bay) Bucs.
Best boxer in the sport today:  Floyd Mayweather. (Why?) He’s still undefeated. Well, you know what? Best or most exciting, I think Floyd Mayweather is the best boxer in the game but I think Manny Pacquiao is the most exciting.

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