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Why Weight Watchers Works

Posted on 03/26/2008

Numerous studies and examples have shown why certain “diet” programs don’t work for the long-term. As soon as you stop eating the prepackaged food or go back to eating carbohydrates, the weight you lost comes flooding back on. In fact, most people end up heavier than they were when they first started the diet. But there is one weight loss program that actually works, and there are a variety of success stories to prove it. With celebrity endorsements and long-term weight loss achievements, Weight Watchers is the leading weight loss program in the country. Why? Well, because this is a program that is based on portion control, healthy choices and support. It’s not a “diet” and it doesn’t offer premade meals. Participants eat real food in real-world settings, which allows them to apply everything they learn to their daily lives during the program. Once they leave the program, they will have all the tools necessary to succeed.

Weight Watchers is based on a four-point program, developed through extensive scientific and social research. These four points include healthy weight loss, holistic view, realistic situations and nutrition education. Personal responsibility and accountability are also a very large aspect of this program, and you won’t achieve your weight loss goals without it. Here are the details of the essential four points of Weight Watchers program.

Healthy Weight Loss – When a participant joins Weight Watchers, he or she is weighed in order to figure out their individual healthy weight loss goals. Some individuals might only need to lose five pounds in order to achieve healthy weight loss, while others may need to lose more. This gives the participant a clear picture of their weight loss goals. Once the goals are determined, an activity plan and a food guide are developed specifically for that individual. These designed through the use of a simple point system.

Realistic Situations – The basic premise of Weight Watchers is that it must fit into your life and provide you with realistic options and decisions. Otherwise, what would be the point? If you go into a program where all of your meals are prepared for you, how can you be successful once you leave the program and have to make your own meals and healthy choices? You can’t. Weight Watchers also bases its weight loss goals on realistic situations, so that they within the realm of achievement.

Education – All participants are given the necessary nutrition education in order to take responsibility for their own weight loss. They not only learn what they need to do, but also why they need to do it. This leads to healthier choices outside of the program.

Holistic View – Weight Watchers takes a holistic approach to its weight loss program, which means it incorporates all aspects of good health including nutrition, social interaction, exercise and support. By taking a holistic approach, participants can address all areas of wellness and focus on a specific area of need at the same time.

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