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Speed Up Your Training With Treadmill Workouts, Picking The Right One

If you’re running on the treadmill for a marathon, a 5K or just to get in shape, then you can speed up your training with treadmill workouts. After all, running a few miles every day on the treadmill can get a little boring and repetitive. That is why it’s necessary to inject some speed training or challenging workouts into the mix in order to keep your training fresh and exciting. Otherwise, you might burn out and lose interest. Whether you are training for a race or just prefer to exercise regularly on the treadmill, you can use the following treadmill workouts to help take your training to the next level.

Beginner — If you are a beginner runner or just someone who prefers a light jog now and again, then it’s best to start off simple with your treadmill workouts. Start off walking for a few minutes to warm up, and then increase your pace to a comfortable jog. When your heart rate is up, sprint for one minute and then return to jogging pace for five minutes. Repeat this at least five times. Slow to a walk for cool down.

Intervals — If you are ready to shock your muscles, improve your speed and burn more calories then interval training is right for you. Start off at a steady jog for a couple a minutes, and then increase the speed until you are running at a healthy and fast pace. Make sure that it is not too fast and that your legs feel comfortable. Then, decrease the speed and begin to jog again for two minutes. At the end of the two minutes, increase the speed and sprint for one minute. Repeat these intervals at least six times. Then return to a comfortable jog for 10 minutes. Slow to a walk for cool down.

Running Hills — Running hills is a great way to speed up your training, but unless you live out in the country then you probably don’t have access to many hills. Thankfully, you can use the treadmill instead. Start out at a comfortable jog for 10 minutes. Raise the incline on the treadmill and run for two minutes. Then return the incline to normal and run for three minutes. Every time you increase the incline, raise it a bit higher until you are exerting maximum effort. Repeat at least six times. Then return to a comfortable jog for 10 minutes. Slow to a walk for cool down.

Mixing Both — For more of a challenge, you can combine intervals with hills for an intense treadmill workout. Start out a comfortable jog for 10 minutes. Then raise the incline on the treadmill and continue to jog for two minutes. When you lower the incline back to normal, increase the speed and sprint for two minutes. Then return back to a comfortable pace for five minutes. Repeat this cycle at least six times. Then return to a comfortable jog for 10 minutes. Slow to a walk for cool down.

How to Buy The Right Treadmill

Every piece of fitness equipment that you purchase is an investment, which is why it’s important to research the product beforehand. However, not all fitness equipment is created equal. You can easily pick up a dumbbell or two for a reasonable price without doing any research at all. But when it comes to treadmills, you need to put a little more thought into your purchase because they are expensive. It doesn’t make any sense for you to buy a treadmill if you lose interest in it within a few weeks. That’s why you should find a treadmill that is not only affordable, but that also fits your personal workout style.

There are three basic keys to purchasing the right treadmill. These include price, warranty and features. In order to find the best treadmill, you must take all there of these factors into consideration.

Price. You definitely don’t want to break the bank when you buy a treadmill, but you don’t want to skimp on the price, either. If you buy a treadmill simply because it has a low price tag, you might end up getting a cheaply made product. Additionally, some retail stores charge more than others for the same model treadmill. The best approach is to research a few different models that fall within a reasonable price range, and then figure out which store (or online company) has the best price. You might even be able to find a discounted price or deal on certain makes and models. If you want a quality treadmill, then expect to pay anywhere from $1500 to $3000.

Warranty. The next factor to consider is the warranty. Just like an automobile, you want a treadmill that is built well, has good horsepower and also a solid engine. Look for the best warranty possible, which can last anywhere from one year to five years depending on the maker. If the engine breaks down for any reason, you need to have it replaced without having to spend a lot of money on repairs. Treadmills tend to wear down over time, especially if you use them on a regular basis. Do yourself a favor and make sure you have a good warranty.

Features. Although innovative features can be fun and exciting, they should be the last things on your list. If you find a good treadmill at a decent price, and you have money left over in your budget to splurge then you can always upgrade the features. Some notable treadmill features include preprogrammed workouts, water bottle holders, built-in cooling systems, video workouts, heart rate monitors and bookshelves. It’s all about deciding which features fit your workout style the best. For example, if you like to read while you workout on the treadmill then getting a treadmill that comes with a bookshelf is more important getting one with a video screen. The biggest hindrance to treadmill workouts is boredom, and some features can help spice things up. If you think that you will be more likely to workout on the treadmill more often because it has a video screen, then consider upgrading to that specific feature.

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1 Comment

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