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Getting the Good Burn: Choosing the Right Treadmill

Posted on 04/22/2010

Treadmills are America’s favorite home gym selection. They are an investment into the well being and physical state of tomorrow. With dedication, this single piece of equipment can lead you down the path to a slimmer, trimmer you. However, choosing the right one is essential I you hope to reach that ultimate goal. While it is essential to choose a piece that will fit within your budget, it is also important to get a model that will hold up to wear and tear as you work toward your fitness objectives. Knowing this means taking the time to research the models being considered to determine how well other buyers have responded. It is also good to consider the warranty offered on the product, so you can feel better assured that if something does happen to it, that it can and will be fixed.

Cost is almost always the first consideration when buying a new piece of gym equipment. Machines like this can carry very hefty price tags, which is exactly why it makes sense that so many people want to opt for cheap versions. There is danger in doing so, however. The treadmill that costs five or six hundred dollars less than an average machine could very well represent endless problems down the line. That is not to say that you should be afraid to shop around. Find something that is middle of the road or better and compare prices between suppliers. You may be surprised at how much you can save by doing so. Then, you can get a reliable machine for less. You should expect to pay at least fifteen hundred dollars for a treadmill that is going to be off high quality and is going to last.

The offered warranty will likely be part of this price. Cheaper models are rarely covered for any extended period of time and even if they are, the dealer might require you to bring it back for service. Considering the size of most treadmills, that is far from convenient. Typically, good warranties will last between one and five years and will provide on-site repair. Be sure that you understand the terms of the warranty. How much expense will come out of pocket if the machine does need to be fixed? Will they supply a new machine if yours cannot be repaired for some reason? Are there any type of damage that would not be covered by the protection plan? Getting the answers to these types of questions now can save you a lot of headaches down the road. Keep in mind that most treadmills will wear out over time, especially with continued use. It is good to know that you have something protecting you from another fifteen hundred dollar purchase if and when that happens.

Finally, yet still a very important consideration, comes the decision of what features you want on your new work out equipment. You may be surprised at the wide gamut of available perks on these machines. Many feature pre-programmed workouts, so you don’t have to think about upping the incline or changing speeds every few minutes. This brings up another consideration. Some treadmills require manual adjustment of or don’t offer incline variances at all. For anyone looking to do hill training, the automatic feature would be a very valuable addition. Other features, which may seem silly, but can make the workout more comfortable are cup holders, cool systems, video workouts, and book racks (to prop a book up for you). Many of these additions can be purchased later as treadmill upgrades. You can also skimp and save by considering other alternatives to the featured items. For instance, rather than spending the extra money to have the video workout, perhaps you can position the machine in front of your existing television and purchase an inexpensive DVD that offers a similar experience. Ultimately, it is these little conveniences that will make a big difference in price, but they can also have a big impact in how faithful you remain to your fitness goals. So, weigh your choices carefully and choose the piece that gives you the best chances of success.

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