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Donald Trump Picks Muhammad Ali As Secretary of State!

Posted on 12/13/2016

By: Ken Hissner

President elect Donald Trump is talking to about 10 possible candidates to become his Secretary of State. We have a current administration that made a “negotiation” for five of the worst terrorists in the world released from a prison in Cuba in exchange for an Army deserter. President Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry recently topped their previously mentioned “deal” by paying $400 million dollars EACH for the release of four prisoners giving 1.6 billion dollars to Iran. Two days later the same Middle East country kidnapped two more hostages.

FILE - In this March 1, 1964, file photo, heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali, right, is shown with black muslim leader Malcolm X outside the Trans-Lux Newsreel Theater in New York, after viewing the screening of a film about Ali's title fight with Sonny Liston. Ali turns 70 on Jan. 17, 2012.  (AP Photo/File)

Back in 1990 the former world boxing champion Muhammad Ali who six years prior to this was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease takes a flight to Iraq and meets with their President Saddam Hussein and on the flight back to the US Ali brings twelve US citizens taken hostage back with him without giving up a dime or anything else! Now that’s what we call “negotiating” right? Six weeks later Desert Storm bombarded Iraq for their invasion of Kuwait. That meant these twelve US citizens may have been bombed by the US.
Then President George H.W. Bush opposed Ali’s departure to Iraq. It was the idea of U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark and given to Brian Becker. Ali arrived in Baghdad on November 23rd and met with Hussein on the 29th. Ali left with the hostages for Jordan on December 12th before leaving for the US. Please go to the article by Becker who was the National Coordinator of the Answer which was an anti-war group. Becker’s article was published June 10th of 2016 entitled “I was with Muhammad Ali on his hostage-release trip to Iraq – and the media has it all wrong. That included President Obama referring recently to the release of “14” not 15 hostages per Becker.

In an article by Ali’s daughter Hana Ali that was updated June 4, 2016 Ali said the following: “I’ve always wanted to be more than just a boxer. More than just the tree-time heavyweight champion. I wanted to use my fame, and this face that everyone knows so well to help uplift and inspire people around the world. I’ve made my share of mistakes along the way but if I have changed even one life for the better, I haven’t lived in vain.”

This writer is naming the title of this article knowing the former world heavyweight champion in and out of the ring Muhammad Ali has passed but what a Secretary of State Ali would have been!

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