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Training Routine: Andrew Golota

Posted on 09/30/2008

WBC #7, WBA #6 and IBF #10 heavyweight contender Andrew Golota describes some of his training routine as he prepares to meet Ray Austin in the Don King-promoted show in China on November 7.

Q: Where do you train?

Golota: Chicago, Veteran’s Gym. Two Sherman tanks from World War II stand in front.

Q: Describe your routine?

Golota: Warm-up first, shadow box, sparring, the routine is not the same every day. Sometimes we do pads, some days we hit the bags, some days sparring. I run every day, between three to six, seven, eight miles. After the workout I always do stretching.

Q: Do you do long runs or sprints?

Golota: Long runs in the beginning. Up to seven, eight miles. Do sprints three to four weeks before the fight. Combination of sprint, run, sprint, run.

Q: How much sparring do you do for a ten round fight?

Golota: Up to ten. Do once ten rounds.

Q: Lift weights? If so, what exercises do you do?

Golota: Yeah, a little bit. Too late for heavy lifting. I did it before. I did it earlier.

Q: Do you ever skip workouts?

Golota: When I train very hard. The next day I go easy. Usually never do it (skip a workout).

Q: Do you employ any unusual training methods?

Golota: Sometimes Sam (Colonna) has his stuff. Trainer does some different stuff, different techniques.

Q: How important is pad-work or mitts in your preparation?

Golota: That’s what it is – something different. It’s different technique, different variety pads give you. I sort of avoid pads, it’s too easy to hit pads. Trainer gives you angles, makes it easy to hit it. Trainer actually helps you.

Q: Did you ever have a weakness that you strengthened through hard work?

Golota: Let me tell you something. When I was amateur, I was beautiful on mitts. I did beautiful work on mitts. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t do the same in sparring. I was so quick on the pads because it was too easy.

Q: What type of other bags do you use, heavy, double end speed bag?

Golota: Heavy bag – endurance. Hit tons of heavy bag. Give you tons of endurance. (How many rounds?) As many as I could. (Double-end bag?) No. (Speed bag?) Yes.

Q: Next opponent in China is Ray Austin. What do you think of this guy?

Golota: Whatever he comes with. Nobody’s seen this guy much.

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