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Lawyer: Gatti’s Wife Knew She Could Get Away With It

Posted on 07/30/2009

The boxing world is outraged that the Brazilian wife of Arturo Gatti – Amanda Rodrigues – has gotten away with, what they think is murder.

In a case that looks even more outrageous than the Monica Seles stabbing in Hamburg, Germany in 1993 – where the knife wielding maniac named Gunther Parche stabbed Seles in the back on a tennis stadium court during a match – and didn’t spend any time in jail – Gatti’s wife is now also free. Brazilian police said yesterday that they have concluded that Gatti committed suicide, reversing a previous announcement almost two weeks ago.

One New Jersey Lawyer explains the ramifications of what appears to be an unbelievable travesty of justice. “This is the reason she went to Brazil. Because she knew she could get away with it – pay off a cop, a judge, whomever,” says Andrew K. Murray of Murray Law Offices based in Pequannock, NJ. “Can’t do that in Canada. Doesn’t this remind you of the New Yorker whose Brazilian wife took their kid to Brazil and never came back. She remarried and died and the Brazilians won’t give the kid back… off!

With the latest decision by the Brazilian police on Thursday, it does not look good for the Gatti family. “Gatti’s got no chance and the Brazilians know it. They’ll never even see the kid again,” said Murray on Thursday night.

By now concluding that Gatti’s death was a suicide, the Brazilian police have totally contradicted their original findings. Consider some of the out-takes from the previous AP report when the story first broke:

Investigators said Amanda Rodriguez was the only suspect and they are certain she killed Gatti in the apartment where they and their 10-month-old son arrived for a second honeymoon.

Police said Gatti had marks on his throat, indicating he was strangled.

Police also said there was a knife wound in the back of Gatti’s head and displayed a small steak knife along with the bloodied, white purse strap — both found near his body.

Police have also said they think the crime scene had been altered before they arrived — indicating Rodrigues could have tried to make it appear as if Gatti had committed suicide, police spokeswoman Milena Saraiva told the AP.

Saraiva said the death may have even been pre-meditated and Rodrigues may have encouraged Gatti to drink excessively so she would be able to overpower him later.

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