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Is Floyd Happy Or Annoyed Pacquiao Accepted?

Do you think Floyd Mayweather is happy or annoyed that Manny Pacquiao has accepted to do battle on March 13?
This is not such an easy and obvious question to answer because neither Floyd nor Leonard Ellerbe has made a public statement or comment upon learning last week that the Pac-Man wants to come back to America to trade fists with the self-proclaimed greatest fighter in history.

So we really can’t say for sure if Floyd is happy or annoyed or worried to know that he now has to man up and fight the
most dangerous, most ferocious, most complicated challenge of his life on March 13, which could pay the talkative American in upwards of $20, 30 or even $40 million.

I am one of the belief that had Pacquiao rejected the fight date of March 13 – reasonably saying he needed more time to
rest after Cotto or prepare for elections – Mayweather would have been all over the media, declaring victory and that Pacquiao
was ducking him.

And Mayweather would have been able to justify to HBO and Golden Boy about proceeding with plans to box Matthew Hatton in London in March or April. I believe it is entirely possible that Mayweather attempted to force Pacquiao with an ultimatum last week that he fully expected Pacquiao to reject the aggressively rushed date of March 13.

But once again, like how he unexpectedly shocked everyone by easily destroying Oscar, Hatton and Cotto, Pacquiao has bewildered and confused Floyd who does not know exactly what to say at this time about having to fight Pacquiao.

Of course, Mayweather could say or release a simple statement saying:

“I’m very happy that Manny has accepted to fight me on March 13 and I look forward to proving I am the best boxer in the world.”

or “I want to thank HBO, Golden Boy, Bob Arum and Manny Pacquiao for this opportunity. I am honored and privileged to be a
part of a prolific event like this. And may the best man win.”

or “I respect Manny Pacquiao and thank him very much for making this super-fight possible. But I will rise to the occasion
and show the world I am the most skilled and exciting boxer of all time when I easily beat Manny on March 13.”

or “I have waited my entire career to be involved in such a defining fight and be assured I will be the winner.”

or “Manny Pacquiao is a good little fighter with a whole country behind him but I will show everyone he is making a big mistake
picking a fight with me.”

or “I have grown bored with boxing again as all fights are a no-win situation and therefore I have decided to immediately retire from the sport for the second time.”

But no. We have heard nary a peep from Mayweather Headquarters. And the strange silence is sparking suspicion and curiosity.

Could Floyd be in secret panic and examining all possible excuses to use as an escape from the March 13 date, such as by coming up with an injury? Or could Floyd be celebrating with a 72-hour party in Las Vegas at having secured the biggest payday in boxing history? Or could Floyd be so inspired by the challenge, he is already busy studying films and already engaging in two-a-day training sessions, to make sure he is more than ready for Pacquiao? Could Floyd have bolted all windows and doors, shivering and suffering
from repeated nightmares of what Manny Pacquiao might do to him on March 13?

We don’t know. We can’t tell what Floyd is thinking because he hasn’t officially said anything about Manny Pacquiao agreeing to
fight him.

Could Floyd be busy? Sure. Could Floyd be partying? Maybe. Could Floyd be struggling with the reality that after all these
years he has finally been cornered and must put his skills to the ultimate test, against a man even his own father
advised him to avoid? Yes.

Could he be…scared? Any boxer, now matter how talented, who saw what happened to Oscar, Hatton and Cotto, and knows he has
to fight that monster next, has every right and reason to be even a little bit scared. Floyd Mayweather included.

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