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Hypocritical WBC Boss Sides With BBBoC, Condemns Haye vs Chisora Fight

Posted on 05/18/2012

By Johnny Walker

After receiving a serious blow to their authority today when the WBO and WBA decided to sanction Frank Warren’s July 14 grudge match between David Haye and Dereck “Del Boy” Chisora, the British Boxing Board of Control have found an ally–the WBC–in their effort to sabotage the fight.

WBC President Jose Sulaiman today issued a statement that condemned the “disgraceful behavior” of Chisora for his actions before and after his recent loss to WBC champion Vitali Klitschko in Germany. He also threatened to expel the Luxembourg Boxing Federation from the WBC if they sanction the Haye vs Chisora bout, scheduled for July 14 in London, England.

“We will expel Luxembourg from our organisation if the commission went ahead as well as any person or institution that has relations with them,” writes Sulaiman.

“We will not condone such a disgraceful behaviour (from Chisora) after seeing that this boxer has no idea of what good behaviour is, by accepting to participate in the intent to threat and embarrass the organisation of boxing with such an act. I am sure the European Boxing Union is on the verge of a strong position against Luxembourg. I am also furious with the promoter who is trying to blast the ethics, honesty and seriousness of the sport of boxing.”

Sulaiman’s high and mighty rhetoric regarding Chisora and promoter Frank Warren is laughable, since he himself had little problem with Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s recent conviction for domestic violence.

“(B)eating a lady is highly critical, [but] it is not a major sin or crime,” was Sulaiman’s reaction to Mayweather’s actions.

And while Sulaiman is anxious to morally condemn Dereck Chisora for his scuffles with other boxers in Germany, he finds only goodness in the heart of Floyd Mayweather, no matter what the latter man says or does.

“I know Floyd Mayweather personally, and I know that he’s a good person,” Sulaiman wrote.

“I know that he accepted a plea deal for a serious offense, and I did not intend to make light of that. The judge sentenced him to 90 days, which I think is fair. But I know that Floyd is a good human being with a good heart, and I am confident that he will redeem himself with his actions in the future.”

So apparently Jose Sulaiman is a seer who can peer into the hearts of men and determine whether they are among the elect or the damned.

What is really going on here is an alliance between the WBC and the British Boxing Board of Control in the effort to checkmate not so much Dereck Chisora, but David Haye. Haye has his heart set on a fall fight with WBC champion Vitali Klitschko, but if the WBC expels anyone involved with the July 14 fight in London, Haye will not be able to fight Klitschko, at least not for the WBC belt.

And given Vitali Klitschko’s past remarks about the prestige of that strap, it seems highly unlikely he would challenge the WBC’s authority in order to fight David Haye.

One thing is for sure: this bureaucratic scrap is far from over.

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