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Floyd Failed To Show Any Evidence Against Pacquiao

The burden of proof is on the accuser not the accused, and Floyd Mayweather and his “best team in boxing” have completely failed to show the world even a shred of evidence that Manny Pacquiao has ever used any kind of performance enhancing drugs during his boxing career.

Not a single person has come out and provided any evidence to incriminate the accused. Not a single anonymous source. Not a single spurned former confidant or friend of the accused. Not a single associate of BALCO or any steroid factories. Not a single secret spy at The Wildcard Gym, who might know of something, anything.

All Floyd Mayweather and his best team in boxing have against the accused are the stupid, ill-informed, baseless comments by an ignorant convicted drug trafficker and a bunch of extremely jealous and envious figures from the boxing world.

And I suspect the public can be pretty darned sure that Mayweather and his “best team in boxing” have been desperately turning over any stone possible that they can think of, to try and uncover any kind of information to discredit the accused. And do not doubt for a second that Mayweather and his “best team in boxing” likely have approached former Wildcard employees such as Justin Fortune and Michael Moorer to see if they have any dirt on the accused.

But with over a month to dig up something, anything, Mayweather and his “best team in boxing” have produced absolutely nothing.

The accused has even made unecessary concessions to his accusers. On top of faithfully agreeing to all the testing required by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the accused has faithfully agreed to extra testing beyond what he is obligated by the law to do, including submitting to a blood test in his dressing room after the fight against the accuser.

Now the accuser wants more concessions. The accuser wants the world to believe that a random test 14 days before – instead of the 24 days before – just a ten day difference – will be the once and for all test that will finally incriminate the accused.

If the accuser actually had a magnanimous credibility and not a reputation of spreading lies, deceptions and falsehoods to suit his self-serving needs, somebody might really believe him.

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