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Why Manny Pacquaio Deserved To Be Robbed In Las Vegas

By: Garett R. Nadrich

First off, yes, Manny Pacquaio won the fight against Timothy Bradley fair and square. I scored the bout 11-1. Anyone who isn’t certifiably blind will agree.

Photo: Chris Farina/Top Rank

The problem is, he deserved this outcome and I’m glad he lost. He made a critical political, social and professional mistake that will require multiple surgeons to remove the foot that is now permanently stuck in his mouth.

When preparing for a fight in the United States of America in which you’re slated to make millions, (which are funds paid for by American dollars, by the way) you might want to keep quiet in regards to your political beliefs.

Why? Because first of all, you may lose a lot of Pay-Per-View buyers. Also, there is no point in publicly expressing disdain for the beliefs of the country that made you a superstar. In addition, people’s emotions outweigh logic.

A few weeks ago, Manny Pacquaio made public statements regarding his beliefs on gay marriage that directly opposed the beliefs of President Barack Obama. These comments came days after President Barack Obama expressed his support for gay marriage.

As stated in a recent New York Times article, Manny Pacquaio stated, “I don’t agree with, and I’m against, gay marriage,” Pacquiao said. “But that’s all. I’m not saying I condemn gay people, or gay marriage. I have relatives who are gay. I have friends who are gay.”

Manny, you’re a boxer. I’m sorry that you’re ego has been so inflated to the point that you feel that your opinions outside of the ring actually count. Let us remind you that you’re a Senator in your home country, not the United States of America and in no way are you recognized as an equivalent to President Barack Obama.

Manny Pacquaio is a genius inside of the ring, but he should have at least been somewhat intelligent outside of the ring. Public Relations can be a huge boost or complete suicide and I was shocked to know that Freddie Roach and the rest of his enablers did not stop Manny Pacquaio from interjecting on American politics. It’s the one avenue that a foreign pugilist should avoid.

Unlike Pacquaio, Floyd Mayweather took the smart route. He stated, “I stand behind President Obama & support gay marriage.” He added, “I’m an American citizen & I believe people should live their life the way they want.” Check out the TMZ article that revealed his Twitter statement:(

Even Filipina-Americans expressed their disgust for Pacquaio’s comments in the weeks leading up to the fight, including An Open Letter to Manny Pacquaio from a Gay Filipina American:

I can’t help but feel that Karma worked its way into the boxing ring last night and I hope this robbery serves an example to boxers that public opinion should be limited to sports. Stardom has its limits and when you try to maneuver into a realm that can only hurt you and not help you, you’re asking for trouble.

When you’re selling an American product, steer clear of American politics.

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