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Why I Believe Floyd Is Bluffing And Wants To Duck Pacquiao

Michael Bentt once told me “Boxing is 90% bluffs.” Pretty strong quote there, right? Pretty reliable and credible source too, right? You better believe the WBO Heavyweight champion Michael Bentt knows what he’s talking about.

Well, Floyd Mayweather has already cost the sport some great fights – with Margarito, Cotto and Mosley – and do not forget all the excuses and reasons he recently gave us to sidestep Manny Pacquiao – Pac lost by KO twice, he beat Marquez more clearly, it’s a no win situation. Floyd has shown actions that he really doesn’t want to mess with Pacquiao who has everything – youth, speed, power, the adoration and love of the public, fearlessness, brutality – that Floyd has carefully avoided over the last three years.

Now suddenly Floyd supposedly has agreed on terms and is basically giving Pacquiao an ultimatum to take the fight in March – or as Bob Arum insists – the fight will never happen. And Floyd will declare victory if Pac decides he can’t get ready for March.

If Floyd really wants the fight and really truly has given the greenlight, why then would March be the only date he will do it? Earlier in the week Money’s advisor was crowing that March ain’t enough time to maximize profits. With all the money at stake, and if Floyd REALLY and TRULY wants the fight, why isn’t he open to April, May, June or July or August September. Ellerbe has said over and over Floyd’s given the greenlight and wants the fight. But by insisting on March it seems that’s a red light.

And you have to consider it possible that Floyd really doesn’t want the fight, like he might be hoping Pac will decide he won’t be rushed into March. It’s almost like Floyd is trying to intimidate Pacquiao here with this bullying show of confidence.

But don’t forget, Floyd showed us all those excuses, he tried to downplay Pacquiao in that BBC interviews after the Cotto fight.

Until this sudden appearance that Floyd has agreed to terms and will be ready for March, Floyd has been making the excuses, same as he did when Margarito, Cotto and Mosley tried to fight him.

When Floyd really wants a fight you know it. You know when he has no fear or worries. Like before Gatti, Floyd just kept saying over and over how easy it will be, how Gatti is a D level fighter, a punching bag. It was the same thing with Hatton, how Ricky was all beaten up with scar tissue and it would be easy. I have all these quotes. Also it was that way with Oscar and Baldomir. All these fights Floyd knew would be easy, there were never any excuses or hesitations from Floyd. But with Margarito, Cotto, Mosley and too an extent with Pacquiao, Floyd has shown reluctance and hesitation to get it on. “He knows he can’t beat me. What has he done to deserve a fight with me. He has five losses. He don’t bring shit to the table. I’m bored with boxing. I might go to MMA. My body is breaking down.”

So all the sudden we are to believe that Floyd wants to fight Pacquiao? No. No. No. I believe it’s a bluff. I believe Floyd is banking on the hope that Pacquiao will decline March and with his big mouth will take that as a victory.

I believe Bob Arum realizes this and is trying to convince Pacquiao to accept the March date.

Pacquiao must accept. Then we will see if Floyd really truly wants the fight.

Floyd Mayweather is a very talented fighter but I still have many doubts and suspicions about his desire to fight the riskiest, most dangerous opponents. I know for a fact Floyd did not even want to fight Cotto, and look what happened to Cotto. Floyd has to be worried about the complicated dangers Pacquiao presents, underneath his bluffing and posturing. We have never seen Floyd tackle a prime young monster challenge at 147. And until we do, doubts will remain.

If Floyd has been playing us all along and does want to fight Pacquiao and shows dazzling skills in March and wins the fight, there could be no doubt or question that he is truly a great, great champion.

But the percentage opinion, based on all of Floyd’s inconsistent and hypocritical actions over the last three years strongly suggest he has some kind of fear and aversion to testing his skills against a prime, strong, fast, explosive, confident, fearless top welterweight. Pacquiao is the most ruthless, most vicious and most formidable rival there has been for Floyd to fight. Until he steps in the ring with Pacquiao, I don’t care what he says, everything about Floyd is still a question mark. He is not the best until he beats the best.

And in his own mind, I don’t think Floyd really believes he is the best. How could he? It is unknown and will remain unknown until he fights the best.

Paul Williams articulated a strong point in our interview on Wednesday. “Pacquiao’s more hot (than Floyd) right now. I respect what Mayweather is doing but Pacquiao right now, he hot. He’s real hot. He’s been beating everybody, going through em. And he throws a lot of punches. So I’d like to put my skills against his skills.” Williams is a true champ. He is fearless and wants to put his skills up to the riskiest challenge. Floyd has shown reluctance to put his skills on the line against the best – until suddenly this week he wants to supposedly fight Pacquiao in March.

Roy Jones went through the same thing. He hit a point where he became Reluctant Roy and didn’t want to fight the best. For years he feasted on mismatches and consequently lost his edge, stopped improving, until when a young prime hungry confident challenger came along, forced a reluctant Roy to face him and Roy got knocked out. I believe all the years of easy fights have similarly stopped Floyd from improving and his skills have actually declined and stagnated. He really wasn’t that special looking against Oscar, Baldomir and Marquez. On the other hand, Pacquiao has been improving each fight, each step up in weight. Each fight he has been looking more and more spectacular.

Yes, I stronly believe Floyd is bluffing. I believe Floyd is pretending to want to fight Pacquiao in March. And we do know Floyd will tell lies – remember he told Rugged RA that he earned $12 million for Baldomir and that Bob Arum doesn’t want to do business with him. It’s a fact, Floyd will tell outright, outrageous lies. Floyd will deceive. I believe he is feigning confidence to fight in March. And Arum and Pacquiao, if they are sharp enough, won’t fall for it. We shall see.

Also, if you would like to know who the source was that assured me on Wednesday, repeatedly that Mayweather vs. Pacquiao isn’t gonna happen…it was George Peterson, trainer and manager of Paul Williams. And let me tell you, George Peterson is the type of straight shooter who won’t BS you. He has told me things off the record before and I’ve honored that. But he did not say “It’s not gonna happen,” was off the record. And George Peterson is quite close with Floyd advisor Al Haymon, who also advises Paul Williams.

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