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Scoop Mailbox: Donaire vs. Lopez at Yankee Stadium?

Posted on 02/20/2011

scoop the brother of fernando montiel doesnt want to accept the fight with donaire but fernado want’s to prove something for the mexican boxing fans and being regarded as the best mexican boxer in lighter division with his record and accomplishment! but donaire talent is way above from all these boxers, after knocking the undefeated vic darchinyan in 2007 most champions in the lighter divisions ducked him and he can’t land a world championship fight! he could have been a three weight division champion right now if all the japanese world champion have fought him. my take here after he will retire in boxing, he will at least be a five to six weight division champion (he got two already) and the light weight will be his last stop! donaire could be a small junior welterweight. next stop is 122, 126, 130 and 135 pounds, if he will win at least a belt on these division, then he will rightfully acclaim the throne of manny pacquaio when he leave the sport in three years as the next filipino superstar. he needs to fight in 122 lbs before making the 126 lbs title and challenge juan manuel marquez. this will become a huge fight for boxing in the future and madison square garden should be considered as a venue or yankee stadium for all the puerto ricans of new york to see. by talents i think donaire will take juan manuel marquez in six rounds and gamboa by eight rounds! its still early to predict but that left hook as i’ve told you scoop is something that we cant see everyday in boxing! darchinyan, sydorenko and montiel can attest to that! phillip anselmo was right! i told you before about the special talent of donaire, this is a real boxing talent coming from a boxer born in general santos city just like manny pacquaio and rolando navarete. the interest of juan manuel lopez and donaire fight just started to build last night and it will build more once donaire will have at least a world title in 122 lbs and going to the 126 lbs then at 130 lbs, juan manuel marquez should make it happen and puerto rico must avenged the defeat of cotto on pacquaio.

philippine boxing will be here after manny pacquaio thats for sure scoop! -Ryan Arguelles

Scoop Reply: You might be 100% right. Donaire vs. Juanma in Yankee Stadium – I like that idea. With the electrifying successes of talents like Pacquiao and Donaire, it is a most curious question as to why America is not producing superstar attractions like the Philippine islands is.

How’s it going Scoop? Anyway I’m writing to you regarding the hypocrisy of the Mayweathers. They claim that they want to clean up the sport. But Floyd Jr. manages dozens of fighters under his promotional team, Floyd Sr., Roger and Jeff train numerous fighters but they never demanded olympic-style drug testing for their fights even up to now. If they wanted to really clean the sport, they should start with their own because that is within their control. It’s clear that all the Mayweathers are just out there to defame Manny for whatever reason because they only talk about Manny negatively when they pop out from time to time. My question is, why haven’t writers, promoters, analysts etc. called them out on their hypocrisy yet? “Cleaning the sport” doesn’t need to start with the Manny fight anyway since they’ve got dozens of high profile fighters to make an example on right? The people, along with the Mayweather fans should DEMAND that their fighters go through all those testing if they really do believe in the c ap the Mayweathers are spinning! -Tyler Durden

Scoop Reply: We are in agreement that the Mayweathers have conducted themselves in a most despicable and wicked manner these last 18 months in regards to Manny Pacquiao. It could not be more clear for anyone of normal intelligence that the Mayweathers are extremely scared about what Pacquiao’s fists would administer on to the skull of poor Floyd. As to why the U.S. media has been lackadaisical in exposing the hypocracy of the Mayweathers, well that’s the American media for you. Remember, when Roy Jones Jr. tested positive – and played a key part in breaking that story – one week after the story broke I called back the head of the Indiana commission (who confirmed the charge first made public by Richard Hall) and asked if any US media outlets called to follow up. His answer was No, the only follow up calls came from a Jones lawyer and a newspaper from France. What does that tell you about the reliability of the American media. A WHOLE LOT.

Pacquiao will obviously destroy Mosley this may because mosley is way too old and past his prime. Everyone is hyping him up to give him a boost of confidence, but the reality is that he’s going to get slaughtered by Pacman’s blinding speed and combinations. Mayweather had every opportunity to fight Pacman. He made every excuse and kept stalling. He has no intention to fight pacquiao right now. He is waiting until Pacquiao loses, gets older and slower. Then he’ll magically have this desire to fight pacman immediately. Mayweather is a slick coward and cannot face the truth that he is unprepared to box Pacquiao. The only reason people are dick-riding Mayweather because of his perfect record and very precise and technical boxing skills. However, Pacquiao’s blinding speed, furious combinations, and iron chin will rape Mayweather’s existence.-Conrad Villanueva

Scoop Reply: Fully agree my friend. And let me add that the only reason people are riding the Mayweather horse is because they think his skills will be as effective against Pacquiao as they were against his recent handpicked disadvantaged opponents. They will not. Mayweather doubted himself against Margarito, Williams, Cotto and Pacquiao – and this is why he refused to fight any of them. I strongly believe Floyd KNOWS he will lose to Pacquiao. Not just lose but be brutally knocked out. He is doing all in his power to cover up his fear and cowardice. And you know why Floyd will not officially announce his retirement? Because it’s just a phony scam to deceive the public. And the minute Pac loses or departs boxing to be a full time Congressman, Floyd will regain his urge to box in a heartbeat.

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