Rare Q&A with Al Haymon!

Most everyone who follows the sport of boxing closely will recognize the name Al Haymon. He is the advisor of top attractions such as Floyd Mayweather, Paul Williams, Jermain Taylor, Chris Arreola, Librado Andrade, Andre Dirrell, among others. To manage and advise the careers of a roster of quality talent like that, he must be doing something right. But what is also unique about Al Haymon is that for such an important figure in the sport, very little is known about him and his music career background, primarily because he is rarely, if ever, interviewed by any members of the boxing media. (Try a google search on Al Haymon or Al Haymon interviews and see how little it yields.)

This is abnormal in the boxing world because it’s the nature of the business that boxing promoters, managers, TV execs – from Don King to Bob Arum to Ross Greenburg to Ken Hirschman to Lou DiBella to Shelly Finkel to Dan Goossen – are always more than open and cooperate politely with the media at all times.

Al Haymon is the only important boxing figure who maintains a very low profile, for whatever reason. He seems like a nice bespectacled gentleman, maybe on the shy side, obviously loves the sport like all of us who devote so much time and energy to it. So yesterday at the Pavlik-Williams press conference at Giants Stadium, I recognized Haymon and as he stood next to me, I asked, “Are you disappointed that Mayweather doesn’t want to fight Mosley?” Which is a position most ring observers are curious about, given Mayweather’s interview on Saturday night on HBO where he basically dismissed the idea of fighting Mosley next. Don’t forget, Mayweather said earlier in 2009 that he would fight Mosley for $20 million guaranteed, before selecting 36-year-old lightweight Juan Manuel Marquez as his opponent.

Why on earth would Mayweather dodge a hotly-anticipated big money fight with Mosley now, when there would be plenty of time to set up the Pacquiao-Cotto winner for spring 2010? Who better to ask than Mayweather’s own advisor Al Haymon? My question wasn’t meant to ambush him with a tough question. But this is an issue the boxing world would like to know. Mosley vs. Mayweather is a major super-fight.

“Are you disappointed that Mayweather doesn’t want to fight Mosley?”

Haymon reacted rather defensively and disdainfully at the question. With a mocking tone, Haymon brushed me off, stating, “I’m not gonna talk about that. I’m still counting the million pay-per-view buys that we did,” as he walked away to the other side of the room.

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