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Atlantic City Boxing

Bellator 49 Results: Lozano defeats Weedman

By: William Holmes

Bellator comes back to Caesar’s in Atlantic for the first of three planned trips to Atlantic City in the fall. Tonight’s card features the welterweight tournament quarterfinals, as the winner of this tournament will look to challenge Bellator’s welterweight champion Ben Askren. This card also features an undercard packed with local talent in what surely will make an exciting card.

Undercard Quick Results:

Bout 1: J.A. Dudley (3-7) vs. Azunna Anyanmu (3-0); Heavyweight

Azunna Anyanmu wins by 2nd round TKO at 4:16.

Bout 2: James “Binky” Jones (10-9) vs. Lester Caslow (6-5); Featherweight

Lester Caslow wins by 2nd round TKO at 0:15.

Bout 3: Joel Roberts (6-3) vs. Brylan Van Artsdalen (6-1); Featherweight

Joel Roberts wins by 2nd round triangle choke submission at 1:47.

Bout 4: LeVon Maynard (11-7) vs. Giedrius Karavackas (5-1); Welterweight

Giedrius Karavackas wins by 3rd round TKO at 1:32.

Bout 5: Scott Heckman (8-2) vs. Alexandre “Popo” Bezerra (9-1); Featherweight

Alexandre Bezerra wins by 2nd round TKO at 1:38.

Main Card Full Results:

Steve Carl (14-2) vs. Douglas Lima (18-4); Welterweight

Round 1:

Fighters come out to the center and touch gloves, Lima throws a quick jab. Lima lands a hard leg kick. Carl lands an overhand right that knocks Lima off balance and he falls to the ground, a scramble ensues and Lima lands on top in Carl’s full guard. Carl keeping Lima in close and lands some hammer fists from his back. Lima back to his feet and throws a leg kick to Carl’s head as he gets back up. Lima lands a short right hand, and lands a two punch jab cross combination. Carl attempts a lazy spinning back kick. Lima lands a leg kick and Carl falls to his back. Lima easily passes to side control. Lima lands a few short shots but Carl is able to maneuver back into full guard. Lima passes back into side control but the action returns to the feet. Lima lands a hard body kick to Carl. Carl shoots in on a takedown that is stuffed as the round ends. Close round, but 10-9 for Carl due to the early knockdown.

Round 2:

Lima throws a leg kick and Carl counters with a straight right that knocks Lima down. Carl going for an ankle lock and throws some upkicks to the head of Lima. Lima back into Carl’s full guard and easily passes into half guard. Lima back into full guard position and isn’t really attempting a lot of ground and pound. Both fighters back to their feet. Carl misses with a wild overhand right. Lima lands a push kick to Carl’s stomach and follows with a jab that connects. Lima throws an uppercut left hook combination that lands. Carl shoots in on the takedown but Lima easily stuffs it and gains top position on the ground. Carl going for a kimura but does not appear to have good positioning to finish it. Lima scoots his hips into side control and stands back up on his feet only to get back into side control on the ground. Lima lands a hard straight left hand. Carl again going for a kimura while attempting to control Lima in half guard. Round ends with Lima on top on the ground. Slow round, 10-9 for Lima.

Round 3:

Lima comes out and lands a quick leg kick to the body of Carl. Carl rushes forward with a three punch combination and Lima shrugs him off with a counter hook. Fighters exchange leg kicks with Lima landing the hard strike. Lima follows up and connects with a straight right. Carl throws an overhand right that is partially blocked by Lima. Lima gets the takedown and is in Carl’s half guard. Lima again passes into side control. Carl attempts to lock up a kimura and Lima lands a short elbow to the side of Carl’s body. Action is slow on the ground. Lima again gets into side control and transitions into full mount. Lima lands a few punches and Carl gives up his back. A scramble ensues and Carl is able to reverse positions and get on top. Carl postures up and throws some strikes from the top position. Round ends with Carl on top landing some blows. Very tough round to score as neither fighter impressed. 10-9 for Lima.

Official scores are 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 for Douglas Lima.

Luis Santos (49-6-1) vs. Dan Hornbuckle (22-4); Welterweight

Round 1:

Fights come out to the center of the cage and touch gloves. Santos lands a hard leg kick early and Hornbuckle comes out and throws a head kick to the head of Santos. Santos lands another leg kick that stumbles Hornbuckle. Hornbuckle comes rushing in and Ssantos knocks him down momentarily with a leg kick. Both fighters back to their feet. Hornbuckle lands a quick jab and circles to the left on the outside. Hornbuckle comes forward throwing three jabs in a row. Santos lands an inside leg kick. Santos lands a jumping kick that gets the crowd reaction. Hornbuckle comes in and Santos quickly takes him down, then rises back to his feet. Referee tells Hornbuckle to get back to his feet. Hornbuckle is noticeably favoring his left leg as his right leg took a beating. 10-9 round for Santos.

Round 2:

Hornbuckle throws a few jabs early but doesn’t connect. Santos throws two head kicks in a row that are partially blocks. Hornbuckle attempts a switch kick but misses. Santos throws another leg kick. Hornbuckle switched stances and is fighting southpaw. Santos shoots in on a takedown and completes it easily. Santos in the full guard of Hornbuckle and not much action so the referee stands them back up. Santos now working on the left leg of Hornbuckle with leg kicks. Hornbuckle lands a straight left. Hornbuckle lands a straight right, and Santos throws a quick crane kick that barely misses. Santos lands a head kick and follows with a two punch combo. Hornbuckle lands a kick to the body of Santos. Fighters are clinched against the cage as the round ends. 10-9 round for Santos.

Round 3:

Hornbuckle comes out more aggressive with a multi punch leg kick combo. Santos come roaring back with his own combination but slips as he attempts a head kick. Hornbuckle standing over Santos and attempts to jump past his guard but misses. Santos lands a head kick on Hornbuckle from his back and pops up to his feet. Santos with a body lock takedown into Hornbuckle’s full guard. Action is slow on the ground as Santos isn’t really attempting to pass. Referee stands the fighters back up. Santos lands a quick uppercut to Hornbuckle. Fans starting to boo towards the end of round 3. Santos lands a nice head kick that sends Hornbuckle scrambling and the crowd towards to his feet. Round ends with Santos in on a double leg. 10-9 round for Santos.

Official scores are 30-27, 30-27, and 30-27 for Luis Santos.

Ben Saunders (10-3-2) vs. Chris Cisneros (13-3); Welterweight

Round 1:

Saunders come out aggressive and throws to leg kicks to the body of Cisneros and presses him against the cage. Saunders gets the bodylock takedown and is in side control. Saunders staying in tight and works his knee to the belly of Cisneros, and gets into full mount position. Saunders traps Cisneros arm with his knee and lands some right hands. Cisneros gives up his back and Saunders has one leg in and lands more right hand shots. Saunders is now raining down left hands on Cisneros. Cisneros able to get out and get in on a single leg but Saunders easily shucks him aside and gets back on top of Cisneros. Saunders landing some right hand shots and Cisneros uses Saundres’ momentum to switch positions. Cisneros now in Saunders’ full guard. Cisneros is on his feet and Saunders stays on the ground. Cisneros throws a while right hand that misses and Saunders locks in a triangle as the round ends. 10-9 round for Saunders.

Round 2:

Saunders land a body kick to Cisneros, and Cisneros answers with a leg kick. Cisneros able to get the back of Saunders and take him down to the mat. They are tangled up on the ground trying to scramble for position. Saunders is able to get the dominant position of side control. Saunders is attempting a straight armbar on Cisneros but is unable to finish it. Cisneros scrambles but Saunders is able to keep side control. Saunders lands two very hard knees to the body of Cisneros. Saunders again lands two hard knees to the body of Cisneros. Saunders landing short left hands to the head of Cisneros. Saunders is smothering Cisneros and maintaining control. Saunders land five to six right hands on Cisneros. 10-9 round for Saunders.

Round 3:

Saunders starts off round 3 landing another leg kick to the body of Cisneros. Saunders locks in a muy thai clinch and lands repeated knees to head of Cisneros who drops to the ground. Saunders follows up with some ground and pound while Cisneros covers up, and the referee stops the fight.

Cisneros wins by 3rd round TKO at 0:29.

Chris Lozano (8-1) vs. Brent Weedman (18-6); Welterweight

Round 1:

Locano lands an early right hand that stuns Weedman, but Weeman answers back with a right hand that knocks Lozano down. Weedman with the takedown and is now on top of Lozano. Lozano gets back to his feet and Weedman holds on to his back. Weedman lands some knees to Lozano’s legs and the fighters are clinched against the cage. Lozano with a beautiful hip toss that sends Weedman flying to the ground. Weedman gets back up to his feet and they are clinched against the cage again. They separate and are back on their feet. Weedman now with the hard takedown and tries to take the back of Lozano. Weedman locks in on hook and tries to get the second hook in while locking up a rear naked choke. Weedman now has a triangle body lock locked in on Lozano. Round ends with Weedman firmly in control of the back of Lozano. 10-9 round for Weedman.

Round 2:

Weedman and Lozano exchange leg kicks. Lozano lands a hard knee to the body of Weedman. They exchange in the center of the ring, and Lozano lands a hard right hook on Weedman. They are now clinched against the cage and Lozano lands a two punch combination on Weedman finishing with an uppercut. Lozano lands a hard overhand right on Weedman. Lozano lands a three punch combnation and finishes it with a hard left hook. Weedman shoots in on a double leg but fails to complete it. Lozano lands a knee to the head of Weedman and follows up with a left and a right to the head. Lozano with another hard overhand right. Weedman lands a straight right to the face of Lozano, and Lozano answers with a uppercut. A two punch combination by Lozano gets the crowd to it’s feet. Lozano catches Weedman with an uppercut as he comes in and throws a flying knee. Lozano lands another two punch combination, and follows with a check left hook as Weedman comes in. Lozano throws a hard left hand that connects but Weedman is still coming forward. A left hand but Lozano connects, and he follows up with a three punch combination. Some very hard shots are landing this round for both fighters. Weedman now in on a double leg takedown attempt but can’t complete it. 10-9 round for Lozano.

Round 3:

Weedman starts off the round coming forward throwing leg kicks, and Lozano lands a spinning back kick that gets the crowd’s attention. Weedman shoots in on a single leg and Lozano attempts a classic wrestling switch. Lozano lands some hammer fists to the head of Weedman, but Weedman remains clinged on tightly. Lozano able to get into a front headlock position. Lozano is able to transition to full mount position on Weedman and lands some short right hands to the head and body of Weedman. Lozano going for an Americana but lets go and throws some more right hands to the body of Weedman. Weedman gives up his back and Lozano has one leg hooked in. Weedman trying to squirm into a more advantageous position but Lozano is able to stay in half guard position. Lozano and Weedman are back on their feet and Weedman holds onto Lozano’s back. Round ends with Weedman in on a single leg and Lozano attempting a switch. Good fight overall, last round should be scored 10-9 for Lozano.

Official scores are 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 for Chris Lozano.

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