Introducing Mike Onello, One of America’s Top Boxing Coaches

  • December 26th, 2011
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By Scoop Malinowski

Mike Onello isn’t your typical boxing coach. But this man understands and teaches the sport in a different way, with an unparalleled passion and inspiration. In the last ten years he has trained hundreds of people but only one of them was a one in a million talent (unfortunately that teenage Junior Olympic champion got mixed up in drugs and ruined his career).

Onello has written two books about boxing training, and currently owns a thriving boxing gym/barber shop in San Francisco called “Michael The Boxer” on Lafayette Street in San Francisco and another boxing gym in Los Angeles.

Just watch this video interview Question and Answer session Mike Onello did recently in Palo Alto, CA with various reporters and media consultants and ask yourself if you can imagine him and his new wave style as a key part of the process to rebuild boxing back ┬áto the mainstream heights it used to be at…

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