Talkin’ Boxing with Richard Pierson

  • March 14th, 2012
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By Scoop Malinowski

Rising super middleweight force Richard Pierson took time out to talk boxing during his training camp in NJ for his next ring appearance on Weds. April 18 at Newark’s Robert Treat Hotel…

BoxingInsider: How are you feeling physically and mentally a month away from your next fight?

Richard Pierson: This is the middle of camp so of course I’m feeling sore and since I don’t get much sparring my team has put me in the hands of strenth and conditioning coach Brian Carpenter. Brian has me doing workouts at Whippany NJ’s Final Round Boxing and Fitness Gym that I have never done before but I can feel and see a difference even with the soreness.

Mentally, I am great, my children are all healthy and doing well in school my team is happy with the camp I’m passing my classes in school and my love in God grows stronger everyday so mentally I am great.

BoxingInsider: You received a lot of momentum after your most recent KO 1 win and people are starting to take notice. Are you feeling pressure? And how close are you to being ready for a major fight?

Richard Pierson: I don’t get hyped up from all the extra attention so I will never feel under pressure, honestly, I believe that I received more buzz when I helped Kelly Pavlik and was allowed to speak on HBO back in 2007. As for me being ready for a major fight I only fought twice in the past four years so I know I have a lot of ring rust to shake off. But I am a man with patience and when the time comes for me to cross that bridge I will with my all my kids and the rest of Team Pierson.

BoxingInsider: If a title shot was offered to fight one of the big champions this summer in Europe, would you take it?

Richard Pierson: I would say I would and I wouldn’t say that I would not. See, unlike most fighters I don’t get in the ring for the money, the money just comes with the career, I step between them ropes and try my best to inspire the world. I believe when you inspire someone, you save a soul and if you’re helping God save souls then you’re working for Him and my job is being His soldier that is now building a great fan base. The more fans I can bring into boxing the more people that will be at home, a venue or casino, etc. Where ever the place be they will be safe and in that moment. Boxing just saved many lives you know how every time Mayweather or Pacquiao fights it seems like the world pauses for a minute. But like I said, if it’s my time, then the Team Pierson family will march over the bridge ready for battle to keep the fans glued to their seats.

BoxingInsider: In all your years of experience in boxing, sparring with Adamek, Pavlik, many other top fighters, who is the most talented fighter you have ever shared a ring with?

Richard Pierson: Well of all the camps I’ve been to, talent-wise, I will have to say Joshua Clottey, he is very talented but his weakness is if you throw punches he doesn’t. As for being the most professional and who helped me realize what being a professional was all about, that’s The Ghost Kelly Pavlik. I don’t know what happened to him after the Taylor fights but when I was out there he showed me what Mayweather means by hard work and dedication.

BoxingInsider: Who is the smartest boxer that you ever shared a ring with?

Richard Pierson: The smartest of them is Adamek because he learns to adapt sometimes, forcing me to box then at times he had me coming forward because he will start to box me after I landed a good shot. Most of the other guys were one dimensional – but that’s there style and it works for them.

BoxingInsider: Who is the hardest puncher you’ve encountered?

Richard Pierson: The hardest punchers…let me see… it’s a tie between Kelly Pavlik and Edison Miranda. Both of the two has that ‘please don’t hit me again!’ power. If your mother ever slapped you because you did something wrong and you heard that loud ringing in your ears and your heart beat at the same time and even though you’re not crying you can hear the little boy inside you sniffling, then you know what I am talking about.

But their delivery is different. Miranda has a thud type punch, very similar to Brian Barbosa’s punch as if you’re being hit with a two-by-four. Palvik, on the other hand, his delivery is like being hit in your face by a whip that has a cinder block at the tip of it. He is the only person that has that type of snap at the end of the punch.

BoxingInsider: What will it mean to you to be a “world champion”?

Richard Pierson: In my heart I already feel like I am champion because I do it for the people, but to be able to grab the belt for the people so they can see any thing is possible, will mean the world to me.

To order tickets for Richard Pierson’s next eight-round fight on April 18 at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, NJ, please call Bruce Vega at 973-885-4626.

The card will be promoted by Gabe La Conte’s First Round promotions in association with Greg Cohen Promotions. Prices are $200 (first row), $150 (VIP) and $50 for general admission.

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